Feng Shui and the 5 elements

Fengh shui and the 5 elements

Creating a balanced home with just enough furniture and decor aswell as colours and patterns can sometimes be challenging when decorating a bohemian home. Very often these homes become too cluttered with too many colours and heavy furniture. By using Feng Shui and the 5 elements you can create a balance and still add your favourite things so that your home becomes bohemian without feeling cluttered.

The 5 Feng Shui elements you should keep in mind when decorating are;

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water
  • Wood

feng shui board fireAbove picture is showing a mixture of the elements fire and earth.

Fire – stands for all light like artificial light, fireplaces and candles. Other things representing fire are things from animals like fur and wool. Art featuring animals, fire, sunshine or art that contains strong warm colours such as yellow, orange and red. Triangles are the shapes that represent this element.

Earth – represents earthy colours such as brown and terracotta. Brick, ceramics, and tiles are examples of this earthy element. Shapes like squares and rectangles. Also an empty space in a room is an example of an earth element.

feng shui board metal

Metal – is the element that consists of metals, stone, rough crystals, circle shapes, art objects made of metal. Colours to look for are metalics, light pastels and white.

feng shui board water

Water – this element represents black and dark colours. Glass and crystals, mirrors, surfaces that reflect light, art that contains water and decorations containing water, like water fountains etc.

feng shui board wood

Wood – stands for green colours, wooden objects, plants, paintings containing nature, flowers and gardens, and wall decor containing fabrics.

By adding a few objects from each element you will create a nice harmony to your room. Have a look at your room as it is now. Does it contain more of one element? If so, try to remove some objects and replace them with something from an element you might not have or an element you have very little of. Experiment with different combinations until you have a nice balance between them all. Good luck!

Source and photos: Bohobynature, Pinterest, Tumblr.