How to dress like a bohemian?

how to dress like a bohemian
If you are not quite sure what a bohemian is or what the bohemian lifestyle is all about, this person can be described as a free-spirited individual who likes to live in the moment and who loves to travel and to explore the world. A bohemian is often very creative and artistic and likes to express herself in some artform like music, art, fashion or writing.

If you want to dress like a bohemian there are a few key elements you should keep in mind when putting together your wardrobe.

    Fabrics – Dressing like a bohemian is as much about comfort as self expression. The choice of fabric is the most important element of bohemian clothing. Focus on natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool and leather. Fur details is also an important factor for the ultimate boho look. Keep in mind to use fake fur rather than the real thing. There are many fake fur fabrics on the market that are just as beautiful and soft as real fur. Part of being a bohemian is to keep in mind where the materials come from and how they are made. Remember that the world is a better place with our animals in it!
    Colours – The base colours of a bohemian are often natural colours such as white, black, brown and beige with details in bolder colours such as turquoise. The accessories can often be colourful and bold, but the base colour is often more subdued.
    Ethnic influence – The materials and prints are often ethnic. A bohemian likes to collect pieces from her travels all across the world. The accessories are often colourful and full of details with inspiration from different countries and cultures.
    Decoration – Bohemians enjoy decoration. Embroidered clothing, lace, fringe or beading is often seen on a boho girl. Don´t be afraid of layering your outfit with jewelry and accessories, but make sure that each piece is related to the other. Sometimes less is more, even for a bohemian!
    Styles – Look for peasant tops, embroidered tunics/dresses, kimonos, maxi dresses, maxi skirts, worn jeans, vests in fake fur, suede or leather, flared pants. Remember that the garments should be comforable and flowy. The drape and cut as well as the comfort is an important factor of a bohemian´s wardrobe.
    Accessories – This is a very important part when creating a boho outfit. Focus on an embellished bag, a pair of boho sandals or boots, a bohemian shawl (maybe with some fringe) and don´t forget to layer with boho jewelry!
    Hairstyle – Long flowy hair, soft braids and flowers in the hair are all typical hairstyles of a boho girl. A shorter hairstyle is also workable, but keep your hair slightly messy and wavey.
    Last but not least, have some fun when creating your outfits! Don´t be afraid to add something unexpected. Don´t make your outfits a uniform. Go with the flow and dress to fit your mood!

how to dress like a bohemian

    Source and pictures: Pinterest and Bohobynature

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