How to create a boho hairstyle

boho hairstyles

Whether you have short or long hair, you can still easily accomplish a boho look with your hair. The one thing all boho hairstyles have in common is that the hair is wavy and a little messy. Another detail seen on a boho girl is often the braid. It can either be a full loose braid or smaller braids placed here and there. If your hair is thin and you don´t know how to get that boho look, one way could be to add extensions, which makes a big difference to the thickness of your hair. You can either go to a hair saloon to have them put in for you, or you can buy them in selective stores. There are many types of extensions on the market. You can buy finished braids, or just strands of hair. There are even braids that look like dreads for those of you who want a more extreme bohemian look. Another pretty detail often used in a boho hairstyle is different kinds of hair jewelry. This can be a great detail to use in your hair when you want to create an evening boho look. If you want to aim for a hippie hairstyle, use some fake braids or ribbons around the top of your head as seen in the picture at the bottom right corner. Good luck with your boho hair!

(Pictures taken from Pinterest)

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