Bohobynature is a bohemian fashion brand, inspired by the bohemian spirit and lifestyle. The inspiration comes from a woman who is confident and who knows what she wants and what she likes. A person who lives the bohemian lifestyle, who strives for freedom, loves travelling the world, appreciates nature and the inner spirit and who wants to express herself in her clothes, accessories and in her home.

The label Bohobynature began in 2011 when Jessica Mac Guinness, founder of Bohobynature was on maternity leave with her daughter, from a well known fashion brand. She had been working with merchandising and design for the past 7 years and thought it was time to start a business of her own. The brand started with home decor and accessories but soon evolved into her true passion, clothes.

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All the best!

Bohobynature & Jessica

founder of bohobynature